How to write a well researched and good blog post in 2020

If you want to succeed in blogging and want to rank your blog post on google search the first page then you must know how to write a well researched good blog post.
Many bloggers don't know the correct way to write a good blog post faster. That's why they waste a lot of time writing articles.  

Read this article till the last know about-
  • How to write a good blog post.
  • How to write a well researched and effective blog post.
  • How to add the keyword in a blog post smartly.
  • How to find new blog post ideas.


Before beginning, I would like to say you that please follow all the steps mentioned below and don't skip any step. In every step, I have shared some secret tips which can help you with how to write a perfect blog post.

So let's begin.


Before writing a blogpost the first step is to find blogpost ideas.

While starting your blog you have a lot of content ideas to write in it. But what if those content are not ranked by google.

So always try to write on those content that is searched on google by users.

I will give you some tips on how to find content ideas and also personally I am also using these methods to find out content ideas for my blog.

(1) Use Quora-

Quora is one of the most popular platforms on the internet in which you can get lots of question-related to your niche and you can easily convert it into your blog post.

Now questions arise on how to find those questions. see below-

For example, You want blog post ideas on "Make money online" then enter it in the search box and press enter.

So you can see above how you get a lot of content ideas easily with the help of quora.

(2) Use Answer the public-

Answer the public is also a very good platform in which you can easily get tons of new content.

You just need to enter your main keyword and press enter and you will get lots of content ideas easily.

For example, I have entered "Make money online" in the box and click on the search button -

You can see lots of questions are shown below which are searched by peoples regularly on google. 

From there you can pick up the best question and convert it into an article.

(3) Use Google question Hub

If you are a blogger and have not started using google question hub yet then you are missing your major content ideas.

So Google question hub is a platform in which you can get various questions related to your niche. You just need to enter your desired keyword and a lot of questions will appear.

These questions are searched by people on google but there is no article that is there to their queries. Google wants to write articles on these topics. 

Pick any questions from these lists and write a blog post regarding that question.

After writing you can submit your blog post link in google question hub in that question.

You can easily a good amount of organic traffic from the question hub. 

(4) Spy your competitors-

This is one of the best and easiest method to get content ideas.

All you need to do is just list down all your competitor's blog links.

Now go to Ubersuggest and enter your competitor domain link and click on the top page button.

On top pages, it will show your competitor's top blog posts which are driving traffic to their blog.


Now you can create better content in terms of quality and quantity than your competitor and get rank easily.


It is one of the important steps before writing your article. 


Because if your blog post heading will not be attractive then very less people will click on your post.

Let us take an example in two case-

Heading 1- Niches for new bloggers.

Heading 2- Top 10 Niche For New Bloggers in 2020? It's Easy If You Do It Smart.

So now you tell which heading looks more attractive?

Obviously heading 2. People will click on the second heading more than the first heading.

So you must have understood the value of heading in a blog post.

For better heading use modifiers which will give catchy look. Some common modifier generally used are-
  • Best
  • Free
  • Year
  • Guide
  • Easy
  • Top
  • odd numbers
For example- Top 7 best and free blogging tools to be used in 2020.


Many bloggers make this mistake that they write posts without doing any proper keyword research. Many bloggers also don't the proper way to how to do keyword research.

But before that, I would like to tell you what is a keyword.

A keyword is what we search in any search engine, Such as "Make Money Online" or "How to earn money online", this keyword can be in any language. Similarly, you must also be searching on Google, assuming you need information about something.

So when you go to your Browser or Google.Com to get information about something that Word or Sentence writes, it is called Keyword.    


Now I will show you how I do keyword research for my blog and how I find less competitive and long-tail keywords easily.

Generally, I use the Semrush tool for doing my keyword research.

Semrush is one of the best tools I have ever seen. With the help of this tool, you can easily get less competitive and long-tail keywords.

And it's "Keyword magic tool" has a lot of features which I have shared below.

Just follow the step given below to know how to do keyword research-

STEP 2- Now enter your targeted keyword. For example, you want to find long-tail keywords for "Make money online", Then enter it and search. 

STEP 3-  Now click on the Advanced filter and apply the following condition as mentioned below-

(a) Word count- It refers to how many words you want in your long-tail keyword. I have applied 4 to it which is good.

(b) Volume- We want those type of long-tail keywords which must have 100 search volume monthly. That why I have applied 100 here.

(c) KD%- It means keyword difficulty. It is the most important factor in the ranking of your post. I will recommend you to keep your KD% below 10 if you are a beginner.

STEP 4- After applying all the above conditions, you can see the result. You can use this keyword and apply it in your blog post. 

So with the help of these awesome tools, you can easily get less competitive and long-tail keywords.


If you want to beat your competitor who is already ranking in a keyword then you need to check the top 10 ranking articles.

I have seen many newbie bloggers skip this step which results in not beating the competitors.

Now the question arises what is the benefit of checking the top 10 articles.

(1) The most benefit is you can find what is lacking in your competitors' content and on basis of your observation you can make a better piece of content and rank at the top.

(2) You can find out the average word count of your competitor'sD posts and write more content than them. You can follow my strategy on how to write an effective blog than others-
  • Enter your targeted keyword on google and copy the top 10 article links.
  • Now open Word counter website, and paste the URL one by one.
  • Now find out the average word count of these top 10 articles.
  • Then publish 50% more word count in your article. For ex. If the average word count comes 2000 then you should write more 1000 words in your article i.e. 3000 words.
I hope my strategy will be beneficial in your blogging journey.


Make sure whenever you write a blog post you should first make a post layout in a piece of paper. 

A blog post layout means you will add all your heading and sub-heading simultaneously so that you make your blog post good and faster without any thinking during writing.

So from now onwards make sure to practice this strategy while writing a blog post.


Images play a vital role in making your blog post more beautiful and eye-catchy. But you need to take care of some points while uploading images to a blog post.

You must need to compress your images before uploading them.

I have seen many bloggers skip this step. Now you will ask me what are the benefits of image compressing?

The answer is if you will compress your image it will load faster i.e it will improve your blog loading speed and trust me if your site loading speed is good then you can rank easily.


There are tons of tools available on the internet. Some of the tools can affect the quality of your images.

You can use a free tool that also I am using to compress my blog images.

STEP 1: Go to for the png image file and go to for jpeg files.

STEP 2: Now click on upload files and upload your picture which you want to compress.

STEP 3: Now you can download your compressed image and upload it in your blog.

So from now onwards compress your images and make your site load faster.


After compressing your images the main thing is to do give your images a perfect name.

For example, your image file name not should be like image.235.png it should be like make-money-online.png.

So that it will help Google in understanding your image.


This is the most crucial step while writing a good blog post.


If your content is of high quality but you have done a lot of silly grammatical mistakes then it doesn't feel like a professional blog post.

You can use the chrome extension of the most popular grammar checker tool GRAMMARLY which is totally available free of cost.

This chrome extension will help you correct all your spelling and grammatical mistakes automatically.


After completion of writing of blog post, some other necessary things should be done which will help in the ranking of the blog post.

You need to add titles, featured images, labels or keywords, and meta description.

Now your article is totally ready and you can publish it to your blog.


(1) How can I improve my writing skills in an article?

You must have heard this quote "Skills comes from a consistent and deliberate practice", I will recommend you to make a daily writing habit.

Even when I started writing blogs in 2018 I am not so good in article writing but after a lot of consistent writing practice, I have improved a lot in my writing skills.

You can also give answers in quora which will help in developing your writing skills.

(2) Do you know any content writer who can write good blog posts for me?

If you are working professional and don't have enough time to write a good blog post then you can hire any good content writer.
You will easily get a good content writer from freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer at a very affordable price.

If you have a good budget then I would recommend you try a content provider site which is launched by a famous pro blogger Kulwant Negi. You can check it out here.

(3) How to write a perfect blog post in 1 hour?

Yes, you can easily write a perfect blog post in 1 hour but for that, you will have to do some preparation earlier.

As I have told above always create a blog post layout before writing so that a lot of time will be saved.

write all your heading, sub-heading, and important points of your post so that you can write your blog post fast without any distraction.

(4) How often should I update my blog post?

whenever you feel that your post has become outdated then you must update your blog post with the latest information.

Google also loves to show fresh content so always try to keep your post updated.

(5) How to write a blog post that makes money for me?.

There are many options through which your blog can generate revenue. 

  • You can place Google AdSense ad on your blog and can earn a good amount of money.
  • Affiliate marketing is the best option to generate money from a blog. Link your affiliate product naturally to your blog post and I guaranteed you will generate good revenue.
(6) How many words is a good blog post?

Generally, 1500-2000 words are on the safe side. But I will recommend you take out the average of the top 10 articles of your competitor and try to write more than them in terms of quality and quantity.

I have explained this method briefly above in Step-4..checkout for better understanding.


I have covered How to write a well researched and good blog post in full details.

Still, if you have any queries feel free to ask me directly on Instagram.

If you found my article helpful....

Let me know via the comment section which will motivate me to write more posts like this.





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